Customer Satisfaction

Beautifully simple job board software is the operator of,, and We use the best in class Software as a Service (“SAAS”) technology to provide our users with a great experience. The proprietary solution may also be used to upgrade an existing career-oriented website or job board. If you desire your own premium, software solution to operate your own private-label job board or career website, inquire for more information.

The Problem

Both full-time and part-time staffing in a variety of job areas are growing industries. With the growth of the use of the Internet in all facets of business, online resources have become the major focus of staffing companies and all aspects of the hiring and employment processes. Online job boards of all kinds have become a major contributor to the success of many firms and have been identified by many as the best way to acquire a candidate pool of individuals that are looking for employment opportunities in the near future or are otherwise interested in knowing what opportunities are available.

However, for the masses who are connected to the employment or staffing industry, the idea of creating their own online job board brings out many daunting obstacles including: (i) retaining the expertise to design a website that is both functional and affordable; (ii) investing and committing the time necessary to build or customize the software to adequately run the job board; (iii) allocating the resources to maintain and periodically upgrade the technology being used; and (iv) bridge the knowledge gap between your business and the technology group retained to create your job board that may not understand your business. The list of obstacles goes on and on, and the result is usually that the job board plan is abandoned and left to the technology companies that offer their product and you use it because it is the best available although you wish it could do this or that, etc.

The Solution

We use a solution that removes all of these obstacles by providing a proprietary Internet-based recruiting application that allows you to create a private label online job board in literally a matter of days at a very affordable start-up fee and reasonable monthly maintenance that entitles you to all upgrades so your job board is always up to date with tremendous features and functionality. The basic features include: a built-in payment system; intuitive Management Dashboards; Job and Resume Search; various Alert settings; and an easy-to-use, customizable search engine.

Benefits of this solution:

  • Robust and feature-rich application with state-of-the-art technology
  • The support staff has extensive job board and staffing company experience which enhances the technology support you need and receive
  • Speed to market – we can get you up and running faster than you can provide us the information we need to deliver your website. If you are ready, you will be in business within a couple of days or less – YES we said days!
  • Affordability! Affordability! Affordability!
  • We have the ability to provide you as much support as you need. We can be your outsource job board solution or merely your technology application provider, and anywhere in between.



Advanced searching and filtering technology provides a self-service portal to your users for finding jobs. They can view all jobs and filter up and down by narrowing and broading searches. If you have geo-location data like address or ZIP code, they can even perform radius searching on their area. Of course keyword searching is provided as well. Your users will have maximum flexibility with what we call piloted-search. The user is in control of his job search with no need for "Advanced Search" screen.


Give your users both employer and candidates an advanced dashboard to manage their experience. Employers can manage their posted jobs not only by creating new jobs but also by activating and deactivating current jobs. All applications to jobs are just a click away. You can respond to candidates and manage your contacts. Candidates can be saved and contacted later. If you are running a paid site for employers, the purchase module allows you to set prices and create packages. For security, there is also a login history module to ensure that there has been no unauthorized access.

How to get started

Inquire for a demonstration of the SAAS in action. We are sure you will like what you see and what you don't see.